Gun Control

The recent tragic shooting at The Thousand Oaks Borderline Bar & Grill was devastating and humiliating. The twelve victims and the countless lives that were impacted were trying to have a good time, and live their lives as they should have. Instead they have been thrown around by the ‘media’ as another “vicious cycle” by a ‘suspect’. First and foremost, my heart goes out to the lives and the families impacted by the situation, and by any harmful situation that has been done upon the soil of the United States.

It was reported by CNN through an interview with many of the gunman’s friends that the gunman was reportedly

“A happy guy with a great sense of humor.”

I do not understand why it is that media sympathizes on the assailants behalf, especially after said assailant had taken twelve lives and ruined the lives of an unnumbered amount of others’ first hand. Media should not only be vilifying this person, but should push forward a message beyond Gun Control. I will discuss the viewpoints of gun control of which let me begin with saying:

Gun Control is a must, but within proper jurisdiction.

First I will discuss an argument that has been crucifying the arguments against Gun Control. Then I will provide evidence found upon gun control, along with how a ban has been implemented before. Then, I will discuss the idea for how the media should treat incidents such as these in order to potentially prevent future acts of violence within American soil. Because at this rate, there’s more people in our own land killing Americans, than people outside of America.

It’s not minorities killing Americans nor is it the tool that is killing Americans. It’s Americans killing Americans.

The arguement about Finland & Switzerland:

The compelling argument about countries with high finance areas, the countries tend to have less murder rates and have better gun control. One should find the statement null; these are vastly different countries with different populations. With that, information will be displayed first about murder rates in order to catch an idea of where the United States places.

Wikipedia shows that as of 2016, Switzerland has a total Firearm-related death rate of 3.01 per 100,000 a year. Finland has 3.25 out of 100,000 per year. While the United States has 11.96 out of 100,000 per year. Almost close to countries under ultra-high government distress & corruption, such as Uruguay at 11.52 out of 100,000. Panama at 15.11. Colombia that is at 18.65 out of 100,000 per year, and Brazil which has a 21.9 out of 100,000 death rate. El Salvador is at 45.6, Jamaica surprisingly has 30.72, and Venezuela tops it at 59.13. With recent reports on Mexico, I can only assume Mexico is on a high rise as well.

This is just information. The ultimate point is this, countries such as Finland and Switzerland opt to take care of the people within the country first. The governing bodies opt to keep their people secure as first priority, so that the people do not have the need to take from others. The people are not in such a distress to the point of exaggeration. They simply live. In order to prevent situations like what is currently in the United States, they provide what the general public needs and the general public will feed. Gun Control/Violence has little to do in this case because people’s needs are being met appropriately. Society needs to stray away from using other countries as a scapegoat in forming statements such as the following.

“High Profit countries have more Gun Control which causes less Gun Violence.”


“Restriction on the use of guns, will not prevent Gun Violence.”

Both of these statements of which are formed from opposing parties are not tackling the root of the underlying issue.

Gun Restriction within Districts:

To raise clarity in the air; It’s not Guns killing people, it’s people killing people. People with access to a test, a driver’s license, and open arms to a machine that can kill at a rate 10x faster than the hand alone. Below displays two graphs containing the Murder Rates per two cities. Each city enacted a gun ban, one can see the effects of the gun ban below.

What one can see by assessing the information given, are a few correlations. As the ban on the weapon begins; the cities notice a massive surge of Homicide and Murder rates.

Here’s what one should pay attention for; after the rise of murder rates, there is a declining correlation between the two. Only after the decline begins to tinker down into the lower numbers; then the governing bodies decide to undue each ban.

In D.C. the gun ban was catching within time. Which is why one can see the steady decline even after the ban was lifted. One can assume the law within the general public, though was lifted, had still been in effect and thus caused less homicides during the time.

As one can see with Chicago, during the beginning stages of the gun ban there was a spike within murder rates. The steep incline correlating with D.C. shows after the ban came into effect homicide rates did increase almost exponentially, but with due time it tinkered down to a record low.

From the gathering information and the conductive research; one can make two judgements. The first, being that the banning of guns does give a massive spike in homicide rates during the beginning stages of the ban, but once the ban is secure and has enabled society. Secondly, within a 5 – 10 year gap; one can see the steady decline of homicide rates unfold. After the spike in homicides, each district had a record low of homicides and that record stayed relatively low. Ultimately, when streets are quiet and the government does not have big issues to face because they’ve solved the issue; they decide to reopen the issue in order to give them something to do.

Gun Control Will Work, It just takes time.

Society in Distress:

The people of the United States are in distress, and the system can not cope sustain this level of distress so it’s caught itself in a cycle of repeat and rehash. Gun Violence is increasing, and the United States constitutes suicides as Fire Arm violence; which only adds to the depth of statistical gun violence.

“60% of American ‘gun deaths’ are suicides and the U.S. has a suicide rate 11% higher than international averages.” also shows that firearms was the most common method of suicide of 2016; showing that Firearms totaled to 51.0%, where poisoning was 14.9% and Suffocation is at 25.9%.

The Singular Mind of Social Media:

The rise of social pressure is only instilling anxiety and stress within teens. Growing up in the social age of information, children are constantly bombarded with; do this, do that, act this way, or if not face constant rejection. Society seems to believe that teens and young adults do not do anything, but growing up in a world that’s been proven to be built upon lies & scandals. It’s difficult for a young adult to believe in anything they see in front of them. Except for the only thing that tells them their own version of truth, their phone.

With their phone comes a world of single mindedness, one’s own belief systems being validated through a constant inflow of other individuals who might share the same concept, or same belief system, but by an exponent of 10. In Time, those of whom believe in a political party tend to become full rallied extremist. Those validated in their ideas live their ideas as true to their nature. Humans are social beings, but Social Media prorates a social environment faster than a human can process in an unregulated playground of constant awareness.

With the ability to mainstream one’s own ideas at such a high level. Extremist views can take place, and once extremity comes into play; all bets run loose and people tend to loose their sense of belonging within this world. Think of it as a psychotic break, humans are animals and though the United States thinks of Americans, on a pedal stool for the rest of the world to see. Humans still fall under natural flaws and breakdowns.

If one were to mix this with a rush of dopamine to the most primitive sources of the brain, along with a constant need for attention with at most times not having that variable blend of in person context with internet.

“The Mother nurtures her child passed the age of self thought. The child, who’s dependent solely on the need of approval from the Mother that has fed for years; breaks in agony once the feeding Mother feeds no more. The starving grows spite and bitter. The adolescent Man breaths destruction in his quake, a world full of enemies.”

What one can What one can notice between the suicide rates and Active shooters is simply this: There’s a rise in suicide rates for ages ranging between 25-55. Males are most impacted by this, and they are 3x as likely to commit suicide than their female counterparts. Conclusively, the most striking evidence found is in this graph:

The Most Likely Culprit:

Caucasian males, are more likely and are on the rise of suicides in the United States. What does American modern society find within three Active Shooter cases each with a death count of 10 or more? The Assailant is Caucasian, the Assailant has had or been known to be involved with the police before. The Assailant has left a trail over the Internet and in Media groups. To credit this, one can search the 3 of the most deadly shootings in 2018 and see the underlying results.

Thousand Oaks Bar Incident

Pittsburgh Synagogue Incident

Parkland School Shooting Incident

The Problem with Media:

When media sees a trending topic, media will burn it to the ground; consuming as much of it as possible while trying to disburse and distribute the information to as many brains as possible. With this, there are blatant flaws in how media sensationalizes these acts of violence. If one were to see the common reoccurring themes between an Active Shooter broadcast one will notice a couple of subjects of issue.

A. The Shooter is the Suspect, and not the Criminal even when named & found as the culprit.

B. The media wants to figure out why the criminal did this crime. While sharing the grief of the lives impacted to the world en-mas.

C. A lack of information as to the sentences and convictions given to the assailant (if caught alive).

These are subjects one will notice when following modern news trends, but this trend is not helping spreading awareness about the issue. This trend is helping to build more occurrences of the issue. Modern America is already aware that Active Shootings are happening on a week by week case. How media displays each shooting occurrence is with little to no solid conviction as to vilifying the criminal. Media will sit on ideas of family grievances, pre-plots, and how this subject is rampaging through the streets; but gives a lack of awareness on safety precautions.

Media is reactive and it’s a vicious reoccurring cycle. As with the government and the gun ban laws that were instilled; media will cover the issue with the same three topics, will cover what has happened after, and stops covering the issue until another happens. They both cover the issue, and once there has been little to no disturbance the entities unleash the chains in order to create more chaos. It’s as if these entities purposely create a cycle in order to stay alive and still be needed within modern Society.

Instead of targeting the issue in a consistent matter; repeatedly telling children of an age of whom belong to a culture where yesterdays latest trend felt as if years had passed; Media stays in it’s soaking shoes in the rain with a sign on it’s chest constantly yelling at bystanders “The World is going to End.” Media is stuck in a time where it could announce a subject to the public once, and it would stick to the general public.

A major issue with media is the lack of criminalizing the criminal. For these behaviors to halt in their tracks, there has to be an impending doom for those who choose to do the action. Instead, media chooses a safer approach in where media will forever announce the criminal as the suspect and not the perpetrator. One needs to realize the syntax that is being displayed: the syntax is the message and the message breeds law.

An excerpt from USAToday (link below) in which shows although Robert Bower has already been indicted of the crime; yet he is still being accused of the crime. This is a reoccurring issue that needs to be fixed within all media and not just USAToday.

Media and Law Enforcement:

When looking at top cable media sources, one can notice a major gap. Top sources such as CNN & Fox are governed by people who are trying to bring more extremities instead of solving the issue in a humanist form. There’s images of violence running rampant on the street & people do not know what to do. An additive prescription, a source of Law-Enforcement (LE). Media sources give small details about the whereabouts of LE with video from a birds eye view to give audience the separation of LE; how LE has entered the premises, and if they’ve found the culprit dead or alive.

Media however, would do justice to the general public by showcasing in more detail the ideology of LE. Instead of working as two separate entities, one for the discovery of the instance and the other for having already stopping the instance. These two entities would fair better in joining together in hopes of protecting the Land of the Free. A solution could be showcasing the awareness of the issue of the police’s behalf on the subject. Another could be creating common heroes between LE and Media in hopes of instilling a SuperHero complex within the general public. All in all, these are two entirely separate entities are involved in the same crime, yet occasions happen where Media will know one thing that LE did not, vice versa. The two entities in present resemble children on a YouTube page; fighting for the first comment.

To Conclude:

The time of the Heteronormative culture is coming to an end, but the heteronormative culture is not backing down without fighting first. One can only imagine living in a world that tells one to live as they will, and everything around this one belongs to this one. In the United States, there’s one dominance and it breeds unwilful offsprings. With this dominance comes an idea of ideal space. The offsprings can take what they want, they change the laws governing the system, and they change history for the betterment of themselves.

But, slowly and surely America is changing into it’s truest melting pot; where people of all race, ethnicitiesand backgrounds can buy land freely. Movements of political change are shaking the core foundations of which this land was built upon. Unearthing the skeletons buried deep below; shedding light on a corrupt system.

With a rise in youth voting one can believe in the idea of a better tomorrow. A day where one can go to school without having to be afraid of what might happen. A day where Media exists to serve the country with positive intent, not one of fear. A day where Government takes care of the needs of the people first and not that of their own. On this day one would not fear the house next door, but would happily greet with open arms as humanity faces towards a common goal. A goal with a purpose bigger than humanity itself.

One Human. One Humanity.

Please if you are reading this and you know someone that could use this information, pass this their way. If you are having thoughts of suicide. Call the Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255. You can always access their website: and if you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone on the phone. They also have an online chat source:

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