Cure Techno Dependency

Leave Your Phone At Home. You’ll thank me later.

Become Techno Aware

Technology is an Addiction if not treated properly.

The Devil is a Woman

The Devil has been in plain sight all along.

The Ignorant Capitalist.

Capitalism has Birth offspring, and it’s children are Ignorant.

The Doom to Start it All?

The Doom to Start it All.

Gun Control

The recent tragic shooting at The Thousand Oaks Borderline Bar & Grill was devastating and humiliating. The twelve victims and the countless lives that were impacted were trying to have a good time, and live their lives as they should have. Instead they have been thrown around by the ‘media’ as another “vicious cycle” by… Continue reading Gun Control

Today’s Artist

Art is no more common than Salt is in the Seas surrounding human civilization. The artist today creates art to the fear of being unwanted; whereas the artist previous would devoid all community aspirations in the pursuit of solitude. The artist previous would create, contour, and endure the inner workings of their mind. Twisting one’s… Continue reading Today’s Artist

Cigarettes and Coke pt. 2

They enter through the red door. Placed downstairs between a local bar, and the 18+ strip club. Music fills their minds, raging their phonetic sensors as the multitude of beaming streams of light pour in through the clouds of smoke. She hurries into the club, as he slowly walks through. She’s livid, lively as ever… Continue reading Cigarettes and Coke pt. 2

Coffee Shop Blues: Obey the Scones

Marked in an all black attire that would have the likes of Batman questioning his idea of design; I walk into the local coffee shop to keep the wheels turning. Gazes, veering forth as I walk towards the end of the line. "One Coffee, and maybe a scone. No, I won't fair well eating a… Continue reading Coffee Shop Blues: Obey the Scones